Fairview Elementary School

Our children attend Fairview elementary school in Bloomington, Indiana.  Fairview is an artful learning school which has incorporated art and music into the curriculum.  My daughters love their teachers and love the artful learning aspect of the school. My oldest daughter has been learning the violin over the past two years at Fairview. The school … Continue reading

God’s weight loss plan

Our youngest daughter picked this book along with many others at our library book fair. This was the last day of the book fair.  At this point it was pretty well picked over all of the leftover books were free.  Since it was in our price range Jessica and Lula went and picked liberally from … Continue reading


I have been thinking a lot lately about why people go to church.  I understand that there are many things that motivate people to go to church week in and week out.  One of the things I have observed is that fear really can keep people coming back.  The message of worthlessness and nothing one … Continue reading


As I drove by the new Chick-fil-A Wednesday night, I noticed a large amount of tents in the parking lot. The first 100 who stayed 24 hours in the parking lot would receive a year of free food. There was loud music and a dance party had just ended. For the 24 hours participants would … Continue reading

bus driver

If you know me you know that my secret dream jobs are other peoples real nightmares.  One example is the desire to work the night shift at 7-11 in a dangerous neighborhood.  Lately, I have thought it would be great to be a bus driver.  I think being a bus driver would be great for … Continue reading


Hey cross fit folks.  I think you know this but your workouts are really strange looking.  I am not sure if I should ask you to stop doing them in public or to do them more.  They are very entertaining to me as I run past you.  When I run trying to figure out how … Continue reading

hostel or hotel adventure

I have a history of going out of my way to stay at “interesting” places when I travel.  I like the idea of a new modern hotel with a flat screen t.v. and other amenities.  The problem is that when I look at hotel pictures I tend to have a specific picture in my mind. … Continue reading

A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall

Most of you know that my family lived in Saskatoon, SK, Canada for three years.  We learned many things while in Canada.  One thing we learned is that if you live almost any where else and think it is cold out, you can rest assured it is most likely colder is Saskatchewan.  We also learned … Continue reading

A slice of heaven

At church we have been talking about having a meal after the service but we all agreed that potluck meals can be a pain and gross at times.  Then someone said we should have pizza.  He then joked that if we had pizza often after church we could be known as the “pizza church”.  I … Continue reading

Just a game

The other night I took two of my three daughters to a Indiana University Women’s Basketball game.  I had thought about taking them for a while.  The main reason I wanted to take them was to combat many of the images of girls/women that they see or hear about on a daily basis.  I wanted … Continue reading